媽媽:我們今天煮西蘭花炒帶子,先幫我先把帶子洗乾淨。 女兒:什麼是帶子? 媽媽:就是平常我們常煮的干貝,也叫帶子 女兒:好 女兒:是要洗全部嗎 媽媽:是的 女兒:媽,我才洗一下不知道為什麼就散了 媽媽:(心想:該不會不新鮮吧)怎麼會呢,讓我看看。 結果…. 媽媽心裡的帶子是 女兒心裡的干貝是 結果隔天的晚餐吃 估計還要煮兩天 Advertisements

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Week eleven – Reviewing & Quiz eleven

1. Inquiry: Read the article ‘Woman stuck under train at Eagle Junction Train Station, Brisbane’, published on 10 September 2014: a. What are the problems with the article? There are some problems with the article: The structure of the article is confusing  Some of the details are repetitive  Some technical writing errors such as present and… Continue reading Week eleven – Reviewing & Quiz eleven

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Week ten – Photo essay ,Headline and Quiz ten

1. Practical – Photo Essay: In the photo essay, I need to provide the caption for a series of 10 photos and tell a collective story. Hope you will enjoy ‘a day in my life’ : https://storify.com/angiekuo/photo-essay 2. Practical – Headline: As stated by Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, p.284), an appropriate headline summarises the story… Continue reading Week ten – Photo essay ,Headline and Quiz ten

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Week nine – newsletter and quiz

1. Inquiry: Review a newsletter from Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) I have chosen volume 34 no.3 of CSG newsletter for review. i. What kinds of stories are in the newsletter?  The title of Crocodile specialist group newsletter shows that this newsletter is specialised for a crocodilian. The newsletter provides comprehensive information and news concerning crocodiles… Continue reading Week nine – newsletter and quiz

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Week eight – Media releases

1.Practical: MEDIA RELEASE FAKECOMICCON INVESTIGATES INCIDENT PUBLISHED ON 2nd June 2016 AT 19:00 FakeComicCon expresses their sincere regrets and sympathies to the victims and their families due to the frightening incident occurred at the Brisbane Convention Centre in the afternoon. FakeComicCon also apologises to the public for an adverse impact on the community. FakeComicCon received… Continue reading Week eight – Media releases