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Week one – Blog COMM11007

1. Practical: Register your blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I am Angie, studying Bachelor of Digital Media. This is my first blog activity in Media writing class. I feel very challenged to handle this subject because I am not a good writer. I do hope that I can gain writing skills and grammar knowledge by doing this course. The method to overcome my hardship is to start immediately and not to delay starting any work.

Woo… It seems a good start now!


2. Inquiry: Different Purpose/Different Writing

I was born in Hong Kong. Although horse racing is a very popular event in Hong Kong, I know nothing about it as well as Horse Racing in Queensland.

There are two articles about a league legend Billy Slater; who will become the ambassador for Queensland horse racing.

In my observation the differences between two articles are as follows.

Queensland Government’s statement mentions only text, a series of direct quotes and brief sentences. The article starts from the announcement of Racing Minister Grace Grace. It also informs the audiences about prospect of racing industries. Comparison with the Gold Coast Bulletin article, the Government’s statement is more formal, monotonous and has no additional reporting material.

On top of the article in Gold Coast Bulletin, there is a photo of Billy Slater. The photo shows audience that he is a rugby league footballer. The first part of the article disseminates their audience that Slater is expected to be announced in an ambassador role for Queensland thoroughbred racing. The second part is the reason for him to join horse racing in Queensland. The third part is regarding his passion in horse racing.

In conclusion, the content of the article of Gold Coast Bulletin is more interesting and they only use two direct quotes in the article, which is different to the Government’s statement that they used a series of direct quotes. However, the intention of both articles to arouse audience’s interest is achieved.


3. Technical: Complete Quiz 1 and Blog registering

Done !



Davidson, B 2016, ‘Maroons legend billy slater to be announced as ambassador for qld thoroughbred racing, Gold Coast Bulletin, 24 June, viewed 17 July 2016, http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/racing/maroons-legend-billy-slater-to-be-announced-as-ambassador-for-qld-thoroughbred-racing/news-story/564befcf1bdd9e78480e832255cdf171

Philip, M 2016, ‘Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador, Queensland Government, 24 June, viewed 17 July 2016, http://statements.cabinet.qld.gov.au/Statement/2016/6/24/racing-queensland-unveils-league-legend-slater-as-official-ambassador



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