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Week three – Plan your Stories

1. Practical: Plan your Stories and Prepare for Assessment two

Festival of the winds 2016

Figure 1: Festival of the Winds
Source: Weekend Notes (2016)

The first event I plan to cover is the Festival of the winds. Every year, over a thousand of people who have passion for flying kites going to Bondi Beach to attend the festival of the winds. People might feel impressive to see different kinds of beautiful kites flying on the sky. This event will be held on 11th of September in 2016.

Darling Harbour Fireworks


Figure 2: Fireworks

Source: Darling Harbour (2016)

The second event I would like to talk about is the fireworks in Darling Harbour. There are fabulous fireworks which light up the Sydney night sky at Darling Harbour at 8:30pm every Saturday. In addition, there are dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes, which allow people to catch up over drinks with friends or enjoy a family meal when watching a free spectacular fireworks show over the bay.

Two events will open to the public and they are free, that means we do not need to get accredited to take the photos. I am planning to get a short quote with my family members.

There are three main points explained why planning is important in the short video ‘Why you need a plan’ by Dr. Kate Ames (2014), time files, find a schedule and think about accreditation.

2. Inquiry: #HongKongIsNotChina: There’s a massive flub on the promo poster for upcoming flick Arrival

Figure 3: Poster of Arrival
Source: News Limited (2016)

This article was published on 23rd of August from news.com.au, regarding a mistake on a promo poster of an upcoming movie Arrival. The movie makes a big mistake on Hong Kong promo poster by putting a famous building “Oriental Pearl Tower” which is in Shanghai into the background information of Hong Kong.

I feel interested in this media story because I am studying digital media. Every design technique captures my attention.

Click here to read the story

3. Technical: Complete Quiz 3 – Grammar: Problems and confusions

In this week, I learned some grammar that people often confuse. I am happy that I discovered some new knowledge.

Did you find the questions difficult?

I found the questions not so difficult after I read through chapter four. I achieved 70% of the quiz in the first attempt and got 100% in the second attempt.

Did you have any problems in specific areas?

I found question nine a bit confusing because it does not indicate clearly that John tours South Africa in July each year.


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#HongKongIsNotChina, digital image, NEWS Limited, viewed 23 August 2016, http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/upcoming-movies/hongkongisnotchina-theres-a-massive-flub-on-the-promo-poster-for-upcoming-flick-arrival/news-story/52611bcbf3a648babe0ec990c2f166f0


8 thoughts on “Week three – Plan your Stories

  1. I love your story, especially #HongKongIsNotChina. It was really funny that they realized the mistake on the poster, but they don`t want to get rid of the Oriental Pearl Tower. They just use PhotoShop replace Hong Kong to Shanghai, it was so funny.


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