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Week six – Storify article and planning

  1. Practical A: Storify article

Today, I tried to reshape the story of interviews in week four for Storify, I also tried to change the story by using all indirect quotes in order to made it brief. This is the first time I use this platform, I found that it would be more easier than I expected. But I needed to spend some extra time to explore how to function the tools, how to search and link the articles from the other platforms, and how to set banner that it may appear on the welcome page.

The link of my Storify

2. Practical B: Impending Storify article

Who will be the audience?

The target audience will be anyone who is interest in the event. My friends and my family members will also be the target audience.

What might they learn about the event?

The audience will learn many different kinds of kites that are never been seen before. In addition, the audience can also watch the beautiful scene of Bondi Beach. It will also be a new option and good opportunity as one of their outdoor activities.

What needs to be included that will make the story interesting or have more impact?

I will take photographs for the scene of all kites flying in the sky, that will make people feel more impressive. I will also take some photographs of different kinds of kites in order to make the story more interesting.


Figure 1: Festival of the Winds – Bondi

Source: Destination NSW (2016)

How will I structure the story?

The article will include introduction, body and conclusion. I will also add many photographs and videos with details descriptions in the article.

3. Technical: Complete Quiz 6 – Spelling

This week I learnt Spelling in chapter five. I now understand more about some rules of spelling. After reading through the book, I got 8/10 at the first attempt. I think even a genius couldn’t spell all the words from the dictionary, but at least we can try to avoid making mistakes and learn to recognise the words and accumulate in our mind.


Festival of the Winds – Bondi, digital image, Destination NSW, viewed 25 August 2016, http://www.sydney.com/destinations/sydney/sydney-east/bondi/events/festival-the-winds


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