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Week eight – Media releases

1.Practical: MEDIA RELEASE


PUBLISHED ON 2nd June 2016 AT 19:00

FakeComicCon expresses their sincere regrets and sympathies to the victims and their families due to the frightening incident occurred at the Brisbane Convention Centre in the afternoon. FakeComicCon also apologises to the public for an adverse impact on the community.

FakeComicCon received confirmation that the fight had continued for about 20 minutes before the security guard intervened. 12 people were injured in the flight; eight people were sent to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, one casualty was discharged from the hospital. Two victims, an 18-year-old male from Brisbane and a 23-year-old female from Townsville were admitted to intensive care because of their critical conditions.

FakeComicCon’s immediate thoughts are with those who were injured and their families, supporting them by providing hospital care and any further assistance if required.

FakeComicCon is held annually in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. FakeComicCon spent years to bring together passionate people who are interested in comics, and no incident had occurred so far. FakeComicCon also achieved successfully in organising comic fans to meet with international movie stars, and became popular by providing a place for more than 30,000 attendees of an average age of 34 in Brisbane in 2015.

Chief Executive Officer of FakeComicCon, Casey Smith, said FakeComicCon would continue to work with relevant authorities to investigate this incident in order to ensure that this would not happen again in future.

“We don’t tolerate disruptive behaviour in our convention. I am very upset that this has happened – an incident such as this is not the spirit of our event. ” Ms Smith said.

“We will update the weapon policy and strengthen the level of security, in order to provide an entirely safe environment to our goers in all forthcoming events.”

For more information, please contact:
Jenna Jones – Communication Manager, FakeComicCon
Phone (02) 2858 2983
Email jjones@fakecomiccon.com.au

2. Technical: Complete Quiz 8 – Figures

Read Chapter 11 of Hicks, English for Journalists (Figures) to prepare for this quiz and reflect on this briefly on your blog.


Did you find the questions difficult?

The most difficult question for me is Question 7:


Did you have any problems in specific areas?

Sometimes I found confusing to use with figures, for example, use fourteen people died in a plane crash instead of 14 people died in a plane crash.


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